Jonas Revitalizing Facial Toner
Jonas Revitalizing Facial Toner

Jonas Revitalizing Facial Toner

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Jonas Revitalizing Facial Toner for a fresh look using this purifying toner as your armored defense against pesky clogged pores. Dirt-defying salicylic acid wipes away lingering nasties while hemp seed oil goes to work against blemish-causing bacteria lurking on your skin.

    • Draws out dirt, oil and debris from pores
    • Fights and protects against blemish-causing bacteria
    • Refreshes, hydrates, and revitalizes skin
    • Helps prevent ingrown hairs
    • Razor Bumps
    • Witch hazel, the sorceress of sebum control, keeps your face smooth and shine-free as cucumber and green tea give skin a healthy serving of antioxidants
    • Hemp Seed Oil
    • Salicylic acid


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