"nobody leaves here with a clean white shirt"- Jane Boyd

Having been born and breed in the back bayous of the Mississippi Delta, Toni is no stranger when it comes to hard work, ethical morals, and determination of executing one's goals. In the years 2015-2017, Toni became immersed in the world of bodybuilding being mentored by many. This mentorship helped blossom and motivate Toni's views on her brand, which lead her in the world of beauty and healthy lifestyles. She worked endless days to create the birth of Just A Sip, to what has made her a household name for many in the world of Social Media. 

-"For me, finding a product that could deliver everything in one bottle led me to piecing together multiple products to get the full results I knew a customer would want"

After competing in the world of bodybuilding for two years, becoming Nationally qualified in 2016, to actually competing in a National show in 2017, Toni realized the stresses and physical affects it had on her appearance, and the yearning of "staying feminine"

" my absolute thought of creating Just A Sip, was merely based on, when I get off the competing stage, 'THEN WHAT"?  How do I give back to me? My hair is damaged, my face is dry, etc, thus created the first product of Just A Sip- HAIR SERUM. 

Just A Sip caters to both men and women which makes it immensely unique.   


Our future is bright and intend to bring Just A Sip of Hospitality to each person that we connect with.