"Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire"


Having been born and breed in the back bayous of the Mississippi Delta, Toni is no stranger when it comes to hard work, ethical morals, and determination of executing one's goals. In the years 2015-2017, Toni became immersed in the world of bodybuilding, after being mentored by many it led her to compete in Regional and Nationals shows. This mentorship helped blossom and motivate Toni's views on her brand, which lead her in the world of beauty and healthy lifestyles. Balancing motherhood, a corporate career and first-time business owner, she has thrived to what has made her a household name for many in the world of Social Media and beyond.

Toni, who is known amongst most as "SIP” is not only known for her sense of humor, but for her unique, and realistic approach of parenting and juggling life on the daily. Bodybuilding power house C.T. Fletcher, instantly felt a connection, and personally approached her, commending her work ethic and balance and has continued to support her brand throughout her journey.

In the early stages of starting her brand, Toni understood the importance of branding after resiliently being mentored by Lamar (Superfreshclothes), most known for his artistic clothing brand, and strategic strong marketing skills. This mentorship helped blossom and motivated Toni's views on her Brand.

Early 2018 Toni became immersed in the world of haircare and skincare. She worked tirelessly to create and birth Just A Sip Shop. Just A Sip Shop is catered to everyone’s beauty and healthy wellness and it’s taken the world by storm. With her products landing in its first Beauty Supply store, listed on Amazon, multiple items sold out, and new products dropping monthly. 

Sip will never conform to what society says a that multi-hats can't be wore and slayed gracefully, making her more appealing, and loved. The success of Just A Sip Shop has proved she is unrelenting and determined to be the best at all she accomplishes.