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How To Undo Winter Damage to Hair, Skin, and Nails

How To Undo Winter Damage to Hair, Skin, and Nails

How To Undo Winter Damage to Hair, Skin, and Nails

Winter is undoubtedly the favorite season for those who love being outdoors. But, if the climate is severe and the cold biting, you can’t really let go of yourself and enjoy the chilling weather. Apart from the health hazards associated with the cold climate, winter can also adversely affect our skin and hair.

Winter fills the heart with joy, but the body takes quite a beating as the chilling wind goes deep into the skin and leaves it rough and even chapped and brittle at times. As there is little humidity in the air, it makes the skin dry and scratchy. 

But there is nothing to worry about, though. You can nurse your damaged skin back to health by following some tried and tested remedies and using some innovative tips from experts. 

For The Skin

Limit Shower Time and Temperature

It feels like heaven under the hot shower when the temperature is plunging southwards. But your skin may protest if you spend too much time under the warm shower. If you can’t do without a shower, make sure you limit the bath time to just around 10 minutes and ensure the water is warm, NOT hot. Infinite Glow Acne And Scarring Repair Serum can make your skin glow in minutes.

A long shower using hot water can make your skin more dehydrated. Hot oil can remove vital oils from the skin faster. 

Apply Moisturizer Liberally

A good moisturizer takes little time to create a protective layer on your skin. It locks in the moisture to keep the skin soft and glowing even when the temperature is low. Experts believe that moisturizing creams work better than lotions. Creams are thicker in consistency and hence keep the skin moisturized for long. You can try Passion Fruit Ultimate Skin Bundle to make your skin look young again.

Skin specialists also stress the importance of applying the moisturizer immediately after a shower. When the skin is damp, the moisturizer will lock in the moisture more effectively.

For the Nails:

Brittle nails that chip away easily are a common problem in winter. Use nail-protecting jelly to moisturize the area and prevent breakage. Applying the product before bedtime will deliver faster and better results. During the day, they may not stay on the nails as you are likely to use your hands and figures for various chores constantly.

For The Hair

Winter is the worst season for hair. Just like it dries out the skin, it can strip your hair of all moisture. Hair needs extra care during winter. If you take some basic precautions, you can ride over the season smoothly. Avoid washing hair frequently. Hot water is terrible for hair and scalp, as it can quickly dry off your tresses. Use hair care products with natural ingredients as far as possible. 

Use a Good Conditioner More Frequently

You are grossly mistaken if you believe there is no need to use a conditioner after every shampoo. In winters, especially, a good conditioner can repair damaged hair and enhance its strength. In winter, a conditioner can also help you manage hair’s static condition better. Try Nyah’s Curly Custard Leave-In Conditioner for great results.

Avoid Hair Treatments

Hairstyling is a habit you might find hard to give up, regardless of the season. Coiffed layers and stunning highlights may look great on your hair, but they can cause excessive damage. In winter, when hair is already vulnerable to damage, harsh styling can worsen things. Steer clear of styling methods such as blow-drying, coloring, and multi-processing. Use hair creams and moisturizers made of proven natural ingredients that can nurture your hair and scalp back to its healthy state. Just A Sip’s Natural Hair Growth Serum can be an excellent addition to your hair care regimen.

If your hair or skin is damaged extensively, it is unlikely that simple passive treatments will help undo the problem. See a specialist get professional assistance. 


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