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What Is The Connection Between Diet And Hair Loss?

What Is The Connection Between Diet And Hair Loss?

What Is The Connection Between Diet And Hair Loss?

Are you on a diet to achieve your desired body weight? Undoubtedly, losing excess body weight is a positive move and can enhance your health and fitness levels. However, you may also have to deal with some unintentional side effects. Hair loss is one such problem.

If you are some way into your weight loss journey, you might have already started experiencing hair loss. That’s because your hair and scalp are suddenly deprived of the nutrition it needs. In a way, it also establishes the importance of a healthy and nutritious diet for good hair.

Experts say that hair follicles are metabolically active, and hence its growth and health can be quickly impacted when you reduce your protein and caloric intake. Even if there is a micro-nutrient deficiency, it will soon result in hair loss. However, the connection between diet and hair loss is a complex one. Diet can be one of the causes of hair loss, but there could be other factors involved in some individuals. Just a Sip’s Hair Serum can help you overcome the problem.

Hair Loss Due To Deprived Nutrition

Hair follicles need a steady feed of calories and proteins to remain healthy. As you start your weight management program by reducing food intake, it directly affects the intake of protein and other vital nutrients. This affects the body’s metabolism and hair growth. Diet affects different individuals differently.

While some may start experiencing hair loss immediately, others may lose hair after three to six months. Hair loss also depends on the type of weight loss program you have accepted. If you want to reverse your hair loss caused by the weight loss program and diet, simply go back to having a balanced diet, and you should see the hair loss program reversed within a few months. Try proven products such as Tori’s Honey Vanilla Hair Mask with Biotin to boost the smoothness and shine of hair.

Let’s look at how individual ingredients in your daily food can affect hair growth if they are taken away from your plate.


Protein is vital for the growth of hair and nails. It also keeps your skin looking fresh and glowing. Protein is crucial for hair growth as hair strands thrive by its presence. The lack of protein in your diet can cause broken hair strands and make your hair look limp and unhealthy. Try Just A Sip Men Moisturizing Shampoo to fortify your hair with natural rice protein and botanical extracts.


Iron is the most vital ingredient in every healthy diet. It is also the most missing element in any nutritional deficiency. Iron deficiency is a significant cause of hair loss. Studies are still going on to judge the actual degree of impact of iron deficiency on hair growth. But, it is evident that if your diet is short or devoid of iron, hair loss is imminent.


Zinc is an essential mineral necessary for the health of your hair. Zinc deficiency can occur because of conditions such as anorexia, gastrointestinal disorders, liver, and renal diseases, poor absorption, diabetes, and even in some people who stick to a vegetarian diet.

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D plays a role in the stimulation and growth of new hair follicles. That’s why Vitamin D deficiency can result in hair loss and thinning. The patchy hair loss condition called alopecia areata is caused by Vitamin D deficiency.

The Solution

You must make sure your diet has everything your hair needs for its healthy growth and nurturing. Hair is made up mainly of protein. By maintaining an adequate level of protein in your daily diet, you can prevent hair damage and loss. Include food items such as milk and milk products, lentils, meat, eggs, fish, and nuts. Use Just A Sip Hair Care Bundle to purify and balance your hair.

Your food must also include vitamins and minerals to boost the growth of hair follicles. You can ensure healthy hair by adding iron, Vitamin C, and Beta Carotene sources to your diet.

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